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ODstudio is a specialised 'object design' studio which was born from the need to congregate different experts for the task of producing high quality representations of objects, particularly musical instruments and objects with complex mechanical components, in 2D, 3D and 4D (technical drawings, modelling, 3D printing, animation, video). 
By constantly dealing with museums and research institutes, public or private collections, scholars and public, we realised the need for technicians in this sector who could provide adequate and specialised response to the current needs of museums and universities and to help knowledge sharing with the general public. We offer proficiency acquired with more than twenty years of experience, from pencil-drawing to modern technology.
In the field of musical instruments, the coordination of the collective work is made through ANIMUSIC-Portugal, where the project originated. This institution is dedicated to research and it is interested in educational implementations for the development of Organology, uniting science and art.
For more information, regarding "what, who, when, where", please contact:

Object/Organon-Instrument Design