Prayer for Peace

Prayer for Peace 


between the date
of Hiroshima & Nagasaki
my sweat seeps
into the small puncture hole
where they drew my blood

a boy
was smiling
in the
black-and-white photo…
before The Hiroshima Day

oh, Yes
they are still
Pearl Harbor/inside of Kathy,
Hiroshima inside of me

floating lanterns
on the Motoyasu river
in Hiroshima…
foster Mother
of so many bodies

are following me
they bring darkness
from the cliff
at Okinawa          


cobalt blue
was my favorite
until I could see it
in atomic waste

my later years
a mother cat has babies
at the ruined village

a year later
little by little
he starts
to tlk about the Tsunami,
sunset on the debris

of the stream
in my homeland---
*Strontium is soaking
into the placenta
                                (*Storontium is the deadly poison came from radiation.)
cherry avenue
my late mother’s
is there another world?
petal drift


more than
70years ago---
the blood
of my parents
of my grandparents

their own form
but melting…
in the summer shade
chocolate bits

the day
like a common/one---
such a big
turning point
for my life

dark fog
is crawling near
my ankles
Hiroshima, Nagasaki,
Fukushima and next…
of early summer---
my motherland
will be a coffin
of the stormy wind 


a tiny drop
of the ancient ocean
our story has begun…
can you hear the lullaby
waves still playing now

ripples on the sand
do you remember when
you were
a crystal rock
long long ago

camel colored
sand in my collarbone
I am also an infinitesimal
splash in the dust

there were
days when I told
my dream…
are you there now?
           (**Betelgeuse is a star. We don’t know whether the supernova explosion.)
thousand years later
sunflower seeds…
may be
there are no people
on our mother planet

~Tanka Poet, Tanka reading performer~