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ORGANOLOGIA (gregoὄργανον = organon + λόγος = logos
): do grego (instrumento+estudo), é a ciência que se dedica ao estudo dos instrumentos musicais e produção de som

ORGANOLOGY (Greekὄργανον = organon + λόγος = logos): from the Greek (instrument+study), it is the science dedicated to musical instruments and the production of sound

The broad science of Organology embraces: ethnology, engineering (mechanical, electronic, physics etc.), acoustics, archaeology, history, museology, conservation, wood science, applied arts, psychology, issues related to the performance or the practical use of musical instruments (neuroscience, ergonomics, morphological anthropology, kinanthropometry, medicine or others), musicology... a general concept, it is dedicated to the study 'of the making' and 'of the playing' musical instruments or sound producing tools...

Congresso de Organologia 2015
The Organological Congresses in Portugal are special international events which provide the opportunity to present the latest scientific and experimental results in the study of sound and musical instruments, offering practical demonstrations by excellent performers. We foster communication between experts and the general public, promoting dialogue about the cultural patrimony, while at the same time forwarding the most advanced theories, technologies, and applications in a broad interdisciplinary way. We are creating a special platform for inventors and makers to show their work and have them directly available at the "ENCONTROIM". We also welcome schools, collectors, museums, research institutes, all who are involved in this area and the general public, to participate as fundamental contributors for the development of our field.

[The common language is English due to the international character of these meetings.]

Kyoko Hashimoto: evening concert, 19/12/2015



 We love Art and Science, knowledge and praxis. Music abounds in a whirl of continuous stimulation. Our commitment is to bring people together, welcoming makers, creators, musicians… classic-ethno-world-music-sound inspirations from all parts and fields…

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