International Anime Research Project

** Update (October 30th): Results from the 2014 survey are now posted! Click here to see them! 

Welcome to the International Anime Research Project.

Who We Are
The International Anime Research Team is a multidisciplinary team of scientists studying the anime/manga fandom (as well as other fandoms). Have you ever wondered what others in the fandom thought? This project will help answer that question with respect to various topics. We utilize multiple research methodologies from psychology, anthropology, and sociology to examine the reciprocal influence of fans and fandoms. The anime/manga project focuses on various aspects of how anime fans perceive the fandom, interact with other fans, how the fandom influences the self, along with a variety of other research questions aimed at understanding the connection to anime. Furthermore, we compare fandoms (e.g., sport, gaming, science fiction) to explore the similarities and differences between fandoms with the aim to understand the underlying relationships common to all fans.

Are you Real?
Yes, we are real scientists. And yes, it is part of our jobs to go to conventions and talk to lots of fans. We are grateful to have received the support of A-Kon staff to start the International Anime Research Project at A-Kon 25. A goal of the project is to disseminate findings from the anime community to the anime community. Findings from the project will be shared for free in the The Phoenix Papers, at future conferences, and on this website.

What is on this Website?
Coinciding with the start of A-Kon 25 (June 6th-8th, 2014, Dallas, TX) we launched the 2014 Anime Survey. A few months of data coding/cleaning/analyzing later we have posted the initial results on the past results page. Now we are continuing to work on the data to put together longer (more in depth) papers about the collected responses for The Phoenix Papers (links will be posted on the publications page). We hope this site will continue to grow into a storehouse for empirical data for anime/manga research for interested fans and researchers alike.

Update Notifications?
If you would like to receive email notifications when any major additions (e.g., papers/results) to the site are posted, you can sign up for our google groups email list by either...
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Upcoming Research?
We are currently preparing for the 2015 Anime Survey! We will be looking into answering some questions anime fans raised about the 2014 results. The 2015 Anime Survey will launch to coincide with A-Kon 26 (June 5th-7th, 2015, Dallas, TX). Come and say hello if you are in Dallas for A-Kon 26.