Past AnimeIowa pictures. 

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Hey, it's link! Yay 2D link! He's come to save... the princess Zelda. Wait, I think that's a girl... Princess stop pretending to be Link!



He is not just another one of those deaf-mutes. Hehehe, love this!!! I totally want one... imagine walking around town with that on.



Sad Pyramid Head. Doesn't he look DEPRESSED???? Awww, poor guy, maybe he's not allowed to swing his knife sword around the other Cosplayers.



 These are probably the only Final Fantasy X (2) cosplayers that, well, aren't between 9 to 12. Nice!

That's a nice Keyblade! Looks a little longer than the real thing, but still looks wicked. I'd rather see Jack Skelington's version.

Silver haired FF guys in this picture here. Yay... run cloud!

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