Anime Convention Defined
What exactly is an "Anime Convention"?

Anime Conventions



Anime conventions offer a place for fans of anime, manga, video games, and japanese culture to come together. The cons offer a central place to meet, hang out, discuss anime, eat japanese foods, and enjoy asian culture. They also prominently feature the ability to dress up, or cosplay, as a favorite character without feeling strange

Elements of an Anime Con

There are several key elements that can be found in most anime conventions. Not all cons have all events, but most cons have most events. These include:

Guests - Typically manga artists, voice actors, industry insiders, and more.

Panels - Usually a convention's way of giving attendees the chance to interact with guests and others. Panels can be discussions of related topics, art classes, writer's workshops, and more.

Cosplay - Both official and unofficial cosplay happens at conventions. Official cosplay includes contests and judges, while unofficial involves walking around in costume just like everyone else.

Video - Most conventions offer 24 hour video room for attendees. These offer attendees the opportunity to watch more anime, especially varieties that are harder to find outside of Japan.

Art - Usually there are a couple opportunities involving art. These include, usually, an art show where you can buy art, and an artists alley, where you can meet artists and make requests.

Dealers - Often japanese animation conventions feature dealer rooms, where fans can buy anime, manga, and video game merchandise that is often hard to find elsewhere.

Dances - Social activities are important at anime conventions, and the typical convention features a dance as one of it's biggest social events.

Room Parties - Room parties give attendees a chance to just meet, hang out, and talk about their favorite anime. Often room parties come with themes, allowing those with similar interests to get together.

Video Games - Video ames are also important at anime conventions. Most conventions have rooms dedicated to allowing people to play video games.