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Animated gifs created with photoshop and imageready by Brett Fitzpatrick   

I have several websites and one of the most fun things about being a webmaster for me is creating animations to make them more visually appealing. This site brings together all the animations I have created in one place so that they can easily be enjoyed.  





This space on the Animation Bay home page is reserved for the animation I am most proud of at the moment or my latest animation whichever is better. Links to all the animations on this site can be found on the Index of Animations


Other pages you might like include:- 

Avatar Design The very important little animation that sums you up, designed to your specifications by animationbay

Index Every animation ever produced by animationbay on one page

Blog The day to day worries, problems and portfolio of an animator and illustrator.



These animations are collected, among other places, from my websites which are;-


 My girlfriend and I are translators and English teachers and this is the site we use to advertise for business and give free English and other language learning tips. Our flash cards for children and the section on our original art and writing are sources of animation. My website of creative writing in a science fiction vein of the rum and uncanny. However much animation and illustration is on the site at any one time I always want more. A catch all website I am using to pay back all the advice and help the internet has given me with advice and help of my own. I am repaying my IT Karmic debt with this site. This page is becoming a site of its own with more and more space ship design, rpg rules and other science fiction like stuff.