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buy cut flowers
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buy cut flowers - The Flower
The Flower Farmer: An Organic Grower's Guide to Raising and Selling Cut Flowers, Revised and Expanded
The Flower Farmer: An Organic Grower's Guide to Raising and Selling Cut Flowers, Revised and Expanded
Acre-for-acre, flowers are the most profitable--as well as the most beautiful--crop on the farm. In The Flower Farmer expert flower grower Lynn Byczynski provides a complete introduction to raising a cornucopia of cut flowers for home use and for sale to retail customers, florists, and other markets.

The book offers detailed, manageable plans for flower growing on a scale ranging from a backyard border to a half-acre commercial garden. It will appeal to a broad spectrum of readers, including:

Home gardeners who want growing tips from professionals, so that they can enjoy an abundance of flowers year-round in fresh and dried bouquets

Passionate gardeners and small-scale growers who want to raise and sell cut flowers in season for additional income

Small commercial farmers who want to increase farm revenue or even make a living from selling field-grown, specialty cut flowers.

The Flower Farmer provides a clear, realistic look at both the benefits and the challenges of growing flowers organically for local markets. Chapters include information on:

The best varieties of cut flowers--an A-Z list of more than one hundred recommended annuals and perennials, spotlighting the cultivars that are grown by professional flower farmers

How to cut, store, and preserve flowers for long-lasting beauty

How to dry flowers for crafting or for a dried-flower business

Flower-arranging basics from a designer's perspective

Extending the season with woody shrubs and trees

Marketing options for commercial growers, including sales at farmer's markets, supermarkets, florists, and wholesalers.

Sprinkled throughout are profiles of successful flower farmers--from Vermont to California, Texas to Wisconsin--each of them providing a unique perspective proving that growing flowers can be as profitable as it is satisfying.

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jar of flowers
jar of flowers
Instead of buying fresh cut flowers I decided to put some little pansies in small mason jars to have around the house. I've given all but the tall one away. It looks perfect sitting on the kitchen windowsill. I haven't been posting much on flickr over the last few months. I've been busy working on a couple of things, one of which is my soon to be etsy store which I've decided to name flossy. Beware all of you, my flickr username is about to change once again to be the same, flossy. I like the idea of going under all one name. I know I change my flickr name often but this will be the last time, I swear. Anyway, I'm excited about the shop and I'll be back into the flickr posting swing soon. More on other projects later. In the meantime, I'm off to sew...
fresh cut flowers
fresh cut flowers
i treat myself to fresh cut flowers as often as i can. i buy them at costco most of the time, but i also get them once a month, when i remember, from a flower stand near my doctor's office in Pacific Heights.

buy cut flowers
buy cut flowers
Flower Confidential: The Good, the Bad, and the Beautiful in the Business of Flowers
We buy more flowers a year than we do Big Macs, spending $6.2 billion annually. We use them to mark our most important events, to express sentiments that might otherwise go unsaid. And we demand perfection. So it’s no surprise that there is a $40 billion global industry devoted to making flowers flawless.

Amy Stewart takes us inside the flower trade—from the hybridizers, who create new varieties in the laboratory, to the growers, who produce flowers by the millions (often in a factory-like setting), to the Dutch auctioneers, who set the bar (and the price), and ultimately to the neighborhood florists orchestrating the mind-boggling demands of Valentine’s and Mother’s Day. There’s the breeder intent on developing the first blue rose; an eccentric horticultural legend who created the world’s most popular lily; a grower of gerberas of every color imaginable; and the equivalent of a Tiffany diamond: the “ Forever Young” rose.

Stewart explores the relevance of flowers in our lives and in our history, and in the process she reveals all that has been gained—and lost—by tinkering with nature.