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boys before flower online
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Boys Over Flowers: Jewelry Box (Boys Over Flowers: Hana Yori Dango)
Boys Over Flowers: Jewelry Box (Boys Over Flowers: Hana Yori Dango)
One year after Boys Over Flowers ended, lives move on… R to L (Japanese Style). Boys over Flowers officially ended with volume 36, but Yoko Kamio, one of the most beloved shojo creators of all time, just couldn't stay away from her beloved characters!Jewelry Box contains two short stories that take place one year after the end of Boys over Flowers volume 36. It also contains a section with some of the important events in the series that show the characters maturing, plus a special bonus strip! Although Tsukushi Makino is from a poor family, she attends an elite school for the super rich, where her life has become intertwined with the "F4," the ruling boys of the school, in a whirlwind of love and confusion!

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Charles B Penrose and Katharine Drexel
Charles B Penrose and Katharine Drexel
I found this on the NY Times Archive online. YESTERDAY S WEDDINGS. PENROSE -- DREXEL. A notable event in the social world yesterday of equal interest in Philadelphia and in this city was the marriage of Miss Katherine Drexel of this city to Dr. Charles Bingham Penrose of Philadelphia. The bride is the daughter of Mrs. Joseph Drexel of 103 Madison Avenue. The groom is of an old and leading Philadelphia family. The took place in St. George's ; Church, Stuyvesant Square, at noon. The Rov. Dr. W. 8. Rainaford, rector of St. George's Pariah, officiated. The beat man was Senator Boies Penrose, brother of tho . Spencer and Richard PenroBO, brothers of the groom; Bponoor ana Louis Biddle, cousins or tho groom; Robert Ralston, aud M. Barringor of Philadelphia the ushers. Miss Josophino Droxel, Miss Cornelia Redmond, Miss Chi-latino Biddle, aud Miss Amanda Fell were the bridesmaids. The bridal costume wns of white , made with a long, full skirt and high sleeves. 1'lw tulle veil was held In place with a jewel and a bunch of orange blossoms. The also wore a pearl and a largo diamond cross. Mr. A. J. Droxol gave away tho bride. She Is his niece. The Drexel mansion, whore tho reception was given, was beautifully decorated by Thorley. The balusters wore wound mimy- chrysanthemums. The immense mirror in tlie drawing room wna screened with tall palms, tho spreading branches forming a canopy under which Dr. and Mrs. Ponrose received their . Over all the doors were wreaths of chrysanthemums, and in vases wore and long-stemmed roses. Among the guests at the reception were Jtr. and Mrs. A. J. Drexel, Mrs. Charles Drexol, tho Misses Dudley, Mr. and Mrs. Frederic K. Coudort. Miss Ronce Coudert, Mr. and Mrs. John Lyon Gardiner, Mrs. Hamilton Fish Kean, Mrs. Krio B. Dahlgren, Dr. and MrB. Thomaa Kmmet, Miss Leary, Peters, Duncan Poll, Mvs. Allan McLane Hamilton, and -Louis Sands. Tho Penrosos will make their permanent residence at Philadelphia. -. Last evening Zion and St. Timothy's Church, on West Fifty-seventh Street, presented a picturesque appearance, with beautiful decorations, tho occasion boing the marriage of Miss Goorgianna Booth Hallenbeok, eldest of Mr. and Mrs. John J. Hallonbeolc, to Mr. Thomas J. Brooks. Tho ushers Messrs. Arthur Brooks, Dr. Kudlipp, William A. Mandollok, Franklin White Hallenbeok, Edward A. Niohols, and James Hopkina. The bridesmaids wore Misses Blanche Hollis, Maud Murray, Elizabeth Graham, and Josophiua A. Hill. Soon after 8 o clock, to the familiar strains oC the wedding march, the entered the church, leaning upon tno arm of lior father, ilie procession being led by the ushers, followed by the bridesmaids, who wore dressed In white silk costumes striped with yellow and violet! and carried bouquets of yellow roses. Between, them*and the bride was the maid of honor, attired in a dainty gown of white Bilk relieved with vines of pink and green, and having a bouquet of American Beauties. The costume of tho bride was Ivory satin with point lace. She carried a bouquet of orchids and only one ornament, a diamond pendant, the gift of tho groom. She was met at tho by the groom, attended by his best man, Mr. Richard Brooks, his eldest brother. A reception followed at tho residence of tha bride s father, 234 West Seventy-sixth Street, which was handsomely decorated with and choice flowers, where tho happy couple received the congratulation oC a largo number of friends before leaving for an extensive tour through the South. Upon return they will reside in this city. -/PS. Miss Helon Laplmnr Pholps. of Mr. and Mrs. George M. of Brooklyn, was married at nor homo, 110 Clymor Stroot, yesterday noon, to George Wallace Graham of Minneapolis. Minn. Tho Kov. Stephen H. Camp officiated. Tho wedding music was played by a portion of Anton t^ s orchestra, assisted by Mr. Cheshire, the harpist. There wns no beet man. Tho ushers -wore William L. Fort, Goorga Pholpe Fort, and Harry Crlssoy, nil cousins of the bride. Tho bride -was unattended except by lior father. Following tho there was a reception until 'Z o , when Mr. and Mrs. Graham for Minneapolis, they will live. Among the wedding guests and those present at tho reception, wore Mr. and Mrs. T. Comniorford Martin, Dr. and Mrs. Honuylor 8. Wheeler, Joseph Wotzlor, Miss Virginia Fitz-Randolph, and Geoi'BO Uarton Muldaur of Now-York; Mr. and Mra. O. Btoddard and Mr. nnd Mrs. If. Waloworth Cady of I'lattBbunc. N. Y.; tho Kov. un4 Mrs. Oliu Hallock of Norwallt, Conn.; l)r. and Mrs. K. F. Konnon, Jr., and Mr. and Mrs. M. M. Waterman of Troy, N. Y., and Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Pfeiller and Mr. Frederick G. 1' ol .
Female Mulberry "flower" 20110529-DSC 8241
Female Mulberry "flower" 20110529-DSC 8241
I *think* this means it's a girl. When i searched online, the first hit said (and I am not kidding) "the way to tell the male from the female mulberry is to go buy a book about it and compare the pictures in the book to what you see on the tree." Thanks eHow, ehow did I ever live without you? It also said, "ew! girl trees are icky and messy, always get boy trees." The second hit said "easy! just compare your male and female trees and you'll see the males have longer bits than the females!" The third said "girls are plumper in the bits than the boys." I'm not sure this seems plump or not, but given that it is not so terribly longer than it is wide, I guess it is a female. So I might actually get some of the delightful fruit I was hoping for when I bought this one sapling 3 summers ago. Even if it is apparently icky. UPDATE: YES! This is a (proto) berry! I ate them all before I was motivated to take a picture. But this would be a (young) female tree, with hopefully a long life of copious fruiting before it.

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