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New pictures from 7-11-09 transport are in!  See below!  Thanks to AnnMarie for the pics.
A video tribute to our volunteers:

Transporters Rock!

 Many of our rescue dogs have gone into a non-profit service program to assist those with disabilities.  Check out the latest video of our rescue dogs at work!

YouTube Video

The Animal Rescue Transport Team (ARTT) is a coordinated effort between West Hancock Canine Rescue (WHCR) and Quincy K-9 Connections (QKC) to rescue unwanted shelter pets in high-kill shelters in Illinois, Iowa and Missouri.  AART serves the transport needs of both rescues by moving shelter pets to rescue, adoptive homes or fosters in higher population areas to give the pets a chance at a second life.  Without transport -- the lifeline of rescue --- thousands of shelter pets would die each year in the shelters we pull from.  
Although WHCR and QKC are two separate rescues, we work together to raise animal welfare awareness, promote spay/neuter among the public, share supplies and rescue pets on death row.  The geographical proximity of both rescues (Quincy, IL and Carthage, IL) allows ARTT to coordinate weekly transports for both groups.

 July 11, 2009 transport:

What we do:
Transports happen every Saturday, 52 weeks a year, rain or shine.  WHCR is a 501(c)(3), registered non-profit based out of Carthage, IL and pulls animals primarily from western Illinois, eastern Iowa and western Missouri.  QKC is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) pending based out of Quincy, IL and pulls animals from shelters across Illinois. 
WHCR and QKC are funded 100% through private donations and do not receive any public or government assistance.  All rescuers and drivers are volunteers - yep, none of us get paid to do what we do!  Rescue is a physically and emotionally draining job, but the rewards are worth it.  Every dog, every cat we save means another life given a second chance at a better tomorrow.
Our volunteers at work on a typical transport (Thanks to Irene Burke, Mary Burke and Anissa Sadeghi for the pictures!):