About the Artist

In my everyday life, I am constantly awed by the animals with whom I interact and by how expressive their eyes and postures are. They say so much without language. Until recently, the main focus of my paintings and drawings had been animal portraits. My goal was to capture a glimpse of the animal's personality and render it on the canvas. But as an artist, I am always exploring new techniques to express my awe of nature. Through my travels, I have come to love brightly colored art and decided to incorporate that color palette into my own work. Over the past year, I have started to also paint brightly colored abstract landscapes. 

Growing up, I always enjoyed drawing and I was a horse crazy little girl.  I never got to ride though, and instead of going to art school where my heart was leading me, my reason took me to an institute of technology.  I became an engineer but my childhood dreams and loves never went away.  I bought my first riding lesson with my first paycheck.  This was the beginning of a long relationship with horses.

While I drew and painted a fair amount in childhood and adolescence, I didn't pursue this aspect of my life much in early adulthood. I focused mainly on a career in science and engineering and on the development of my riding.  It is through my horses though that I went back to the easel.  In 2001 I took a photo of my mare and gelding together.  The attitude displayed by the horses was very nice but the photographic quality was poor.  So I decided to transform the photo into a black and white pencil drawing.  I enjoyed the process very much.  So this was the first step of a rediscovery of an aspect of my life that had been so neglected for a while. One portrait led to another, first of my own animals and then of my friends'.  Eventually, requests from other people started coming in and I now do about 10 portraits a year.  

I have kept this endeavor low key and work mostly through word of mouth.  I want to keep my outlook fresh and have the time to explore new media.  I the past couple of years, I have also started to work on some landscapes and flowers.  

For the animal portraits, I work from photographs.  Whenever possible, I meet the animal whose portrait I will draw and take my own photographs.  This allows me to get a glimpse of the subject's personality.  It is my priority to have the animal's personality reflected through the portrait.  I discuss different possibilities with the client in order to choose the best medium, size and attitude.  Nothing makes me happier than the smile of a client when they see the result.