How many careers with animals do you know of?
    Can you name more than 10 off the top of your head? More than 20? 30?

Either way, we need your help!
There is a student coming to the US from New Zealand to start working. He forgot to pick a career before he left home and now he is hoping you can help him figure out possible options! All he knows is that he is interested in animals...  Click on the play button to the right to hear more about him.
Your Task : 
Get together with a group of three or four other students.  Use the Animal Industry Career website to each find a career you are interested in or interested in learning more about----and since Aidan is uncertain whether American youth's interests will be similar to  to New Zealand youth's---find a career that you don't find to be at all appealing.  Research all of the careers you have selected.  As a group, create a website (using Google Sites) to display the information.  Go to the Steps page for more information about the process! 

Through this project, you will learn more about careers in the Animal Industry and you will also learn how to make a webpage!