Game Resources

You can find rules for card, dice, and checkerboard games in bookstores and libraries, and on the internet.


There are many books that deal with one specific game such as Bridge or Craps.  The books listed here, on the other hand, explain in detail how multiple games are played:

1. HOYLES RULES OF GAMES.  Albert H. Morehead, Geoffrey Mott-Smith, Phillip D. Morehead.  2002. A good general game book with rules for traditional card games and dice games, and the rules of checkers.  You can find older editions from used book sources.

2. PENGUIN BOOK OF CARD GAMES.  David Parlett.  2009.  THE OFFICIAL RULES OF CARD GAMES.  United States Playing Card Company.  1995.  Both of these contain a comprehensive set of rules for card games.  The first has gotten high praise.  I have two editions of the second book, the latest is the 81st edition, and I am pleased with it.

3. 24 GAMES YOU CAN PLAY ON A CHECKERBOARD.  Carol Williams.  2007.  ONE HUNDRED OTHER GAMES TO PLAY ON A CHESSBOARD.  Stephen Addison.  1983.  A variety of games to play on a checkerboard in addition to the standard games of Checkers and Chess.

4. DICE GAMES PROPERLY EXPLAINED.  Reiner Knizia.  2000.  COMPLETE BOOK OF DICE GAMES.  Skip Frey.  1975.  A variety of dice games, not just gambling and bar games.

5. A GAMET OF GAMES.  Sid Sackson.  1992.  An interesting collection of new games including some card, checkerboard, and pencil and paper games.

6. NEW RULES FOR CLASSIC GAMES.  R. Wayne Schmittberger.  1992.  An interesting collection of game variations.  It includes new games for the checkerboard, and some international versions of Checkers.

7. THE NEW GAMES TREASURY.  Merylin Simonds Mohr.  1997.  An amazing collection of game instructions for card, dice, and checkerboard games as well as parlor, other board, travel, outdoor, and so on games.  Look for the Games Index just before the General Index for helpful information about individual games.


There are many websites containing information about games.  Many provide rules for card, dice, and checkerboard games.  But for me, a few stand out:

Card games.

The Pagat Card Game Rules website provides abundant information about card games including game rules. It's a great place to explore.

The Bicycle Playing Card website is a natural place to find the rules for countless card games.

Dice games.

The Family Dice Games page on the dice-play website provides a good selection of rules for family dice games. With so many gambling dice games around, it's nice to find a collection like this.


Wikipedia has web pages that link you to rules for CardDice, and Checkerboard games.  A nice collection.


There are directories containing links to game websites.  Most directories list card game sites, and there are sometimes links to dice game sites.  You can always move from a "Card Game" category to a more general "Games" category by clicking on the directory "Games" link.

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