Equipment Tips

This might seem a bit lame, but for me it's worthwhile.

Most simple games require some game equipment.  Game equipment can be bought from local stores or fashioned from common materials, and can be used in numerous games.  The items needed for each game are provided in the EQUIPMENT section of the game rules.


You can choose the quality of the checkerboard and playing cards you buy.  You can find checkerboards made of cardboard (under $10) or wood (over $10), and playing cards made of cardstock (under $5) or plastic (over $5) at game, toy, and department stores.  You can sometimes find a cheap checkerboard (under $5) and playing cards (under $2) at a discount store. 

I would bypass the cheapest product, and buy something halfway descent. You might want to spend more for longer play.

Unless you want exacting precision, dice are dice.  Five dice should cost you under $5.


You need to easily pick up a playing piece and move it to a different location.  And for some games you will need to stack one playing piece on top of another.

Animal Games use 12 or less playing pieces per player, so most people can use checkers for playing pieces.  (Checkerboards more than likely will come with checkers.  Cheap checkerboards may have inferior checkers.)  If more than two colors are needed, you can place a removable colored sticker on the top of each checker.
Or you can use thick (3/16 inch) wooden discs, or cut playing pieces out of thick wood (small squares will work), or out of thick craft foam.


Tokens are just placed on locations, they don't need to be moved during play.  You can use pennies (and nickles if you need two types).  Or you can use poker chips, or bingo markers, or buttons.
Or you can cut tokens out of thin wood or craft foam.  (Craft foam has the advantage of staying where it is placed.)


For paper and pencil, use a reasonably-sized pad of paper, and a pencil, pen, or marker.