Additional Links

To enhance your enjoyment of simple game rules, here are some other websites containing mostly card game rules:

The Cards and Dominoes website provides rules for "the best little-known games in the world".  You will find rules for card games, domino games, dice games, and a few board games.

The Medieval & Renaissance Games website offers rules for card, board, and dice games from multiple historical periods.
The House Of Cards Rules website has an alphabetical listing of rules for traditional card games, both familiar and obscure.

The Cats At Cards website has a large collection of rules for traditional card games as well as a few new game rules and variations.

The Pagat website contains a page featuring many original card games.

The Grimwold New Card Games website contains the rules for unusual, newly-invented card games such as Nusicle, Trib, Tunge, Reoccurring Strange, and more.

The RinkWorks/Pips page contains a collection of rules for original playing card and dice games.

The Board Game Central website provides information about and rules for numerous games.  Look specifically at the checker and dice pages.

Ten Best Card Games You've Never Heard Of provides the rules for ten obscure card games.

Good Card Games (You Might not have Heard of) contains the rules for four recent card games that are all fairly simple to play.