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Animal Game Annex is a website were you will find simple rules for a variety of games.  There are card games, dice games, checkerboard games, and games that combine 2 or 3 equipment types - cards, dice, and a checkerboard and checkers.  These games are easy to learn, and fun and challenging to play.

Games can provide a lifelong source of entertainment.  Kids discover the fun of playing Go Fish or Shut the Box.  Teenagers and young adults enjoy interacting with each other while playing Hearts or Yacht.  Parents appreciate fun games on family game night such as Crazy Eights or Chinese Checkers.  Youngsters and grownups at family gatherings spend time together playing Pig or Pshaw.  Older adults who once enjoyed playing Cribbage or Checkers rediscover that joy.

You play each game you find here using standard game equipment:
  •    - 1 or 2 standard decks of (52) playing cards,
  •    - 1 to 5 standard (6-sided) dice,
  •    - a checkerboard and 1 to 24 playing pieces (checkers, wooden discs), up to 12 each of two colors,
  •    - 1 to 52 tokens (coins, bingo chips), sometimes of two colors,
  •    - a pad of paper and pencils.

You will find links to rules for TRADITIONAL GAMES here.  There are familiar games that most people know and love, and some unfamiliar games for you to explore.

You will also find rules for original games called ANIMAL GAMES.  These game rules are located on PDF files.  New games will be added over time.  Each game comes with variations.
You will find GAME RESOURCES.  There is a list of recommended game rule books with a description of each.  There is a list of websites that provide rules for card games, dice games, and checkerboard games.  And there is a list of directories that link to game websites.
You will find links to the web owner's GAME ARTICLES, with more on the way.  You will find ADDITIONAL LINKS to game websites on the internet that contain the rules for original and obscure games.  And there are TIPS for finding or making standard game EQUIPMENT.

You can also read ABOUT ME, the website owner.
And you can find EBOOKLETS -- a free pdf e-book, four Animal Game rule pdf e-books ($1.50 each), and five Smashwords game rules e-books  ($0.99 each). 

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