Recent Papers Published:
  1. Paller, V.G.V., R.A.R. Sy, and M.Z. Bandal Jr. 2016 Hematology andhistopathology of Nile tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus L.) infected with Acanthogyrussp. (Acanthocephala: Quadrigyridae). Ecology Environment, and Conservation. 22: 497-504
  2. Paller, V.G.V., D.J.B. Resurreccion, C.P.P de la Cruz, and M.Z. Bandal Jr. 2016. Acanthocephalan parasites (Acanthogyrus  sp.) of NileTilapia (Oreochromis niloticus) asBiosink of Lead (Pb) contamination in a Philippine freshwater lake. Bulletin of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology. 97: 1-6. doi: 0.1007/s00128-016-1790-y
  3. Diesmos, A.C., J.L. Watters, N.A. Huron, D.R. Davis, A.C. Alcala, R.I. Crombie, L.E. Afuang, G.G. Das, R.V. Sison, M.B. Sanguila, M.L. Penrod, M.J. Labonte, C.S. Davey, E.A. Leone, M.L. Diesmos, E.Y. Sy, L.J. Welton, R.M. Brown, and C.D. Siler. Amphibians of the Philippines,Part I: Checklist of the Species. 2015. 62(3) 457-539
  4. Lacaste,A., Afuang, L. and Gonzalez, J.C. 2015. Comparison of Herpetofaunal Diversity among Four Major Islands of BatanesProvince, Northern Philippines. Journal of Nature Studies. 14 (1): 36-46
  5. Alvarez, J.D.V., I.L. Lit Jr., and P.A. Alviola. 2015. Bat flies (Diptera:Nycteribiidae) from Mount Makiling, Luzon Island: New host and distributionrecords, with a checklist of species found in the Philippines. Check List the journal of biodiversity data 11(1): 1509
  6. Alviola, A., J.P.A. Macasaet, L.E. Afuang, E.A. Cosico and E.G. Eres. 2015. Cave-dwelling bats of Marinduque Island, Philippines. Museum Publications in Natural History. Vol 4 (2015) Jan-Dec 201
  7. Bernardo, D.F.H., O.B. Zamora and L.P de Guzman. 2015. The need for premiumagri-fisheries for the disaster-affected areas of Leyte, Philippines. 2015. Journal of Developments in Sustainable Agriculture. 10: 1-15
  8. De Guzman, L.P., O.B. Zamora and D.F.H. Bernardo. 2015. Diversified and integratedfarming system (DIFS): Philippine experiences for improved livelihood andnutrition. Journal of Developments in Sustainable Agriculture. 10: 19-33
  9. De Chavez, E.R.C., I.K.C. Fontanilla, G.A. Bartomalaque and S. Chiba. 2015. A new Helicostylaspecies (Bradybaenidae: Helicostylinae) from Patnanungan Island,Philippines. Asia Life Sciences The Asian International Journal of Life Sciences 24(1): 37-49
  10. Gonzalez, J.C.T. and W.L.R. Oliver. 2015. Philippine hornbills’ conservation status:problems and prospects. Malayan Nature Journal 67(2), 187-202
  11. Ong, B.K.C., V.G.V. Paller, A.P.O. de Guia, J.B. Balatibat, and J.C.T. Gonzalez. 2015. Prevalence of avian haemosporidians among understory birds of Mt. Banahawde Lucban, Philippines.  Raffles Bulletin of Zoology 63: 279-286
  12. Casim, L.F., M.Z. Bandal Jr., J.C.B. Gonzales, E.M.M. Valdez Jr., G.C.S. Chavez and V.G.V. Paller. 2015. Enteroparasites of captive long-tailed macaques (Macaca fascicularis) from NationalWildlife Research Center, Diliman, Quezon City, Philippines. 2015. Asian Journal of Conservation Biology. 4(1): 54-61
  13. Corpuz, M.N.C., V.G.V. Paller and P.P. Ocampo. 2015. Environmental variablesstructuring the stream gobioid assemblages in the three protected areas inSouthern Luzon, Philippines. Raffles Bulletin of Zoology 63: 357-365
  14. Relox, R.E., L.M. Florece, J.A. Baril, and J.O. Coladilla. 2014. Assessment of fruitbats and its food preferences in Mt. Apo Natural Park, Kidapawan City, NorthCotabato, Philippines. Journal of Environmental Science and Management. 17(2): 12-20

  15. De Guia, A.P.O. and M.N.R.M. Quibod. 2014. Gutanalysis of small non-volant mammals of Mt. Makiling, Luzon Island,Philippines. Journal of Environmental Sciences and Management 17(2): 63-68

  16. Paller, V.G.V. and E.R.C. de Chavez. 2014. Toxocara (Nematoda: Ascaridida) andother soil-transmitted helminth eggs containing soils in selected urban andrural areas in the Philippines. The Scientific World Journal Vol. 2014 Article ID 386232 6 pages

  17. Komatsu, S., D. Kimura, V.G.V. Paller and S. Uga. 2014. Dynamics of Centrocestus armatus  transmission in endemic river in Hyogo Prefecture,Japan.  Tropical Medicine and Health 42(1): 35-42

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  • Team Darwin places 3rd at 2013 Biolympics Team Darwin garnered third place in the 2013 Biolympics, with Team Pasteur as the overall champion for 2013 and Team Linnaeus as 1st runner up and beating only Team Mendell ...
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  • ABD awardees at 6th CAS Student-Faculty Conference CONGRATULATIONS TO ABD AWARDEES AT THE CAS 41TH FOUNDATION EVENT 20136th CAS Student-Faculty Research Conference was concluded last December 13, 2013 with the theme, Multidisciplinary Research: CAS Gearing ...
    Posted Mar 25, 2014, 11:45 PM by
  • ABD ready for AUN-QA assessment site visit 2014 The entire IBS prepared well for the site visit of the ASEAN University Network Quality Assurance Assessment team, led by AUN Executive Director Dr. Nantana Gajaseni. All laboratories and facilities ...
    Posted Feb 23, 2014, 5:41 AM by
  • ABD Site under development The Animal Biology Division's Google Site will be completed soon. The site is expected to be finished before this semester ends. Help us improve this site. Just drop by ...
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