Anim8or Animation Spotlight


I use the program anim8or.

Currently there is no spotlight website available to  collectively demonstrate animations made by the worldwide community of anim8ors.

Yet I know there is excellent work out there wating to be showcased.

In the next month or two as an experiment I will be developing this site to show off the talents of people who use the program anim8or to make animations. I'll keep it quiet though and see what happens.

If there's no interest then I'll just add avi's for my oen personal enjoyment.

The site is available to anyone to spotlight their work in.

The rules are simple.

1) You need to use anim8or.

2) You can post to this site in three different time animation categories.

  • Less than three minutes.
  • Less than six minutes.
  • Unlimited.

3) You can have one avi in each category.  So make it your best!!

Upload your video to google or youtube or anywhere that will allow me to imbed their code into my html.

Tell me about it and I will do the rest. If you have a website I will put a link to it at the bottom of your animations.

This is my  email address. Put the words "Spotlight Animation" in the subject.

Or go here and post in the "Spotlight Animations Submissions" thread.  

Looking forward to hearing from you and any suggestions you might have.
































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