04 - Lip Sync

Within lip sync it is important to remember that you are not animating the word, but rather the sound the word makes.

Below is the first lip sync i attempted with no developmental process towards the production, I am very proud of this piece due to the fact I believe it is relatively good considering the lack of work and research leading up to it.

Based on the lip sync above I have found that developing a good product requires more listening skills than research. Every person is different and the way the talk will be different as well, so relying on shapes and observations can sometimes be pointless. However listening to the audio give the best impression of the character and from there you can use the research observations as adjust them accordingly to fit the audio.

Facial expressions were particularly difficult in 2 Dimensional animation due to the detail of some of the expressions getting lost between the frames of the animation, each frame (of my animation) was slightly off from the last, giving it a rather shaken appearance, however, due to this the detail and emotion within the facial expression was difficult to establish. 

Test Footage during production

Final Production

Working in 3D to produce a lip sync audio was much more difficult than in 2D however, I feel the final result was a lot more gratifying due to the small yet important details of the face being clear and understandable.