I am an assistant professor in the department of Civil Engineering, IIT Hyderabad. The primary area of my research includes behavior and design of structures subjected to fire/elevated temperature conditions. Before, joining IIT Hyderabad, I worked as a research & development engineer at Bentley Systems, Inc. I am responsible for maintaining and enhancing the Pile-Soil-Interaction (PSI) and nonlinear static analysis (COLLAPSE) modules of a widely used offshore structural analysis and design software SACS. I have a PhD in Civil Engineering from Purdue University, USA. For my PhD research, I investigated the fire induced collapse behavior of steel buildings. For my Masters' thesis I investigated the dynamic behavior of bridges on well foundations under seismic conditions. As a graduate student and a consultant, I have more than six years of experience in the behavior of structural systems under extreme loading conditions (e.g., earthquake, fire, wind, and impact loading). I specialize in failure investigation, dynamic analysis and FEM modeling of various types of structural systems. My detailed job description and contact information can be found at this IIT Hyderabad webpage and my LinkedIn page.
Research Interests:
  • Fire and its Effect on Structural Systems
  • Stability of Steel Structures
  • Computational Mechanics
  • Collapse Analysis
  • Finite Element Method of Analysis
  • Earthquakes and Structural Dynamics
  • Soil Structure Interaction
  • Behavior of Concrete Members