Structural And Fire Engineering Research group (SAFER) at IIT Hyderabad develops analysis techniques and provides design solutions for structural systems under extreme loading conditions, such as fire, blast, earthquake, and wind load. Our research has a special emphasis on the development of innovative and lightweight structural solutions for specialized needs. Some of the recent projects that this group is involved with are listed here.

           Failure of a shear-tab                                                                Progressive collapse of a 
          connection at extreme                                                                    steel building in a 
                temperatures                                                                     hypothetical fire accident 

On-going research
1) Modeling and design of structural members in fire conditions
2) Steel-concrete composite systems (CFT) for extreme loading conditions
3) Use of existing telecom towers for harvesting of wind power 
4) Pultruded FRP members for infrastructure needs
5) Composite materials for strengthening and fire protection applications
6) Behavior or deep foundations in earthquake conditions
Group Coordinator
Dr. Anil Agarwal

Ph.D. students:

1) Hemanth K. Chinthapalli
2) Priya Natesh 
3) Banoth Kumari

Mastrer's students:

4) Athira Ravindran 
5) Anthari Abhijeeth 
6) Swapnil Dwivedi 
7) Suresh Babu

Project Staff:  
1) Smrithi Hareendran
2) Kshitij Ghanate
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