Chihuahua-Bloodlines ~ A Breeder's Story

Chihuahua-Champions Chihuahua-Bloodlines

JacquiBeth@Johnson is a "Chihuahua-Enthusiast",

now classified as simply a "Chihuahua-Enthusiast"

or Outstanding-Retired-Chihuahua-Hobby-Breeder"

and this is an informational-only Chihuahua website  

about Anikas Chihuahuas-Bloodline, a family owned

designer Chihuahua-dog bloodline, of Chihuahua-Champions

 in a multitude of colors and both coat varieties,

especially many blue-chihuahuas. 

The Chihuahuas-Bloodlines thatwere a dominant 

presence in the dog-show-ring,chihuahua dogs

composed over several decades from 1988 of

over 30 Anikas Chihuahuas Champions in several 

continents in the world, bred by JacquiBeth-Johnson.

Not only blue chihuahuas, yet an array of gorgeous shades...

Pictured here the Anikas Chihuahuas dogs , especially small,

the correct size and stature which makes them

very characteristic of the Chihuahua-Breed-Standard, 

both top breed winners. Anikas Chihuahuas ROCK!

Aside from any accomplishments and dog show wins,

the  "Anikas Chihuahuas" were pets  first, and

show-dogs second,and loved beyond imagineable, and

to the point they actually OWNED JacquiBeth-Johnson.

Judge for yourself! Showing dogs is a sport and this is the team!



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