Project Summary
            Clifford Algebra provides efficient representation and manipulation of multi-dimension vectors spaces. My research and investigation indicated that Clifford Algebra could be useful in edge detection of image processing of color images since color images are represented by pixels that have three components and operating simultaneously on multiple components is more efficient in Clifford Algebra. I found that no one has ever used Clifford Algebra commercially before, at least not that I could find. I designed an experiment to test if  I would detect more edges of an image using Clifford Algebra than the most popular current technique of edge detection, Canny Edge Detection.

            Using a sample set of images, I applied the Canny Edge Detection method to each of the images using a C program. I then applied Clifford Algebra techniques to the same images, and compared the resulting images of Canny Edge Detection, Clifford Algebra, and the two combined. I counted the number of edges that showed up on each picture and compared the results.

            My experiment showed that the Clifford Algebra method yielded better results than Canny Edge Detection in most cases, and when the two methods were combined the results were even more accurate.

In conclusion, my results show that applying Clifford Algebra makes edge detection more accurate. It would be interesting to see if Clifford Algebra is better at edge detection compared to other methods besides Canny Edge Detection.


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Project Summary
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