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CS 838 Spring 2017

Data Science: Principles, Algorithms, and Applications
WedFri 2:30-3:45pm in 1221 CS Building, 3 Credits

  • The class mailing list is
  • The class's Piazza page is here. This is a forum for the students. We will monitor occasionally but do not have enough man power to answer all questions posted to this page. 
Instructor & TAs
  • AnHai Doan, contact information available from my homepage. 
  • Office hours: Friday 11-noon and by appointment (pls send email, thanks)
  • TA: Sidharth Mudgal <>, office hours: Wed 11-12:30 Room 1351.
Course Description, Prerequisites, and FAQs

Course Format & Grading
  • See the above course description
  • Midterm: March 15 Wed, in class at usual time/room
  • Final: May 3 Wed
  • Grading: midterm: 30%, final: 30%, project: 40%
Lecture Slides (tentative)