Named for one of the greatest piping legends of our time, P/M Macdonald's roots were steeped in military tradition, having piped since his boyhood and growing into his melodic compositions that have crossed from the repertoires of army pipe bands and solo pipers into those of contemporary folk and ceilidh bands.  We are fortunate to be able to honor P/M. Macdonald while at the same time encouraging the art of piping in the Western United States. 


Please join us on November 2015 for the 17th Annual Macdonald Competition at the San Diego Hall of Champions and stay for the Tartan Ball.

Results from the 16th Annual P/M. Angus Macdonald Competition:
Professional Aggregate: Ian Whitelaw
Grade 1 Aggregate: Austin Diepenhorst

Pro Piobaireachd:

1st: Ian Whitelaw
2nd: Richard King
3rd: Erik Leiken
4th: Glen Thompson
5th: Robert Burns
6th John Partanen

Pro Piping: March/Strathspey/Reel
1st: Ian Whitelaw
2nd: Erik Leiken
3rd: Richard King
4th: Glen Thompson
5th: John Partanen

Grade 1 Piobaireachd
1st: Austin Diepenhorst
2nd: Ross Morrill
3rd: Kirk Yslas

Grade 1: March/Strathpey/Reel
1st: Ross Morrill
2nd: Austin Diepenhorst
3rd: Kirk Yslas


Registration is open to any Grade 1 or Professional piper who is duly registered with a piping association.  Registration is limited to 12 competitors in each class, and will generally be on a first come, first served basis.  However, a place is reserved for each overall winner from the previous year’s Macdonald competition.  Preference in registration is also given to competitors who have won their respective classes at the following 2012 competitions:  United Scottish Society (Costa Mesa, CA), San Diego Scottish Highland Games, Pacific Northwest Highland Games (Enumclaw, WA), Caledonian Society of San Francisco (Pleasanton, CA), and Longs Peak Highland Games.

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This event is sanctioned by W.U.S.P.B.A and sponsored by the Cameron Highlanders Pipe Band and W.U.S.P.B.A. Southern Branch