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Working Papers

1. Working papers on inflation and economic growth

Indeterminacy in a Matching Model of Money with Productive Government Expenditure 

(October 2015) - with Chih-Hsing Liao, Xiangbo Liu and Mengbo Zhang - MPRA Paper No. 67172

Inflation, Unemployment and Economic Growth in a Schumpeterian Economy (new version)

(January 2015) - with Guido Cozzi and Yuichi Furuakwa - MPRA Paper No. 61175

Innovation and North-South Technology Transfer in a Cash-in-Advance Economy (revised version to be available)

(November 2013) - with Guido Cozzi and Yuichi Furuakwa - MPRA Paper No. 51927

The previous version was circulated under the title "A Schumpeterian Analysis of Monetary Policy, Innovation and North-South Technology Transfer".

A Tale of Two Growth Engines: Interactive Effects of Monetary Policy and Intellectual Property Rights (new version)

(May 2012) - with Ching-Chong Lai and Chih-Hsing Liao - MPRA Paper No. 40372 - Revised and resubmitted to Journal of Money, Credit and Banking

2. Working paper on labor union and economic growth

Unions, Innovation and Cross-Country Wage Inequality (new version) 

(October 2015) - with Guido Cozzi and Yuichi Furuakwa MPRA Paper No. 67358 - Revised and resubmitted to Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control 

The previous version was circulated under the title "Labor Unions, Directed Technical Change and Cross-Country Income Inequality".

3. Working paper on education and economic growth

Growth and Cultural Preference for Education 

(September 2015) - with Yuichi Furuakwa and Dongming Zhu - MPRA Paper No. 66883

4. Working paper on real business cycles

Home Production and Small Open Economy Business Cycles (new version) 

(June 2015) - with Kuan-Jen Chen and Ching-Chong Lai MPRA Paper No. 65093