Urban Living in a Rural Setting


The Road to Angono - East of the Metro

Urban Living in a Rural Setting

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Angono, Rizal - Early 8Os : The years that was when I was still a child that Bloomingdale Subdivision in Brgy. San Pedro was still being developed. I can still remember when the empty underground sewage system was a good spot for hiding when playing hide and seek and the newly cemented road where i learn to ride a bike.
It was also the time when the nearby ricefields in Brgy Bagumbayan was still green in the planting season of palay and totally brown during the harvest season. It was also during this time that farm frogs "palakang bukid" and farm rats- "dagang bukid" can be caught in the irrigation canals and ricefields during planting and harvesting season respectively and was cooked and shared by friends.
This period maybe the early development of real estate in Angono, together with the development of subdivisions in Brgy. San Roque, Kalayaan and San Isidro like Dona Justa, Palomo, Constellation, Aurora and Rainbow Subdivisions.


Angono today is a diverse community like Metro Manila where residents came from all over the Philippines, everywhere you will see Ilocanos, Kapampangans, Bicolanos, Visayans and Mindanaons. There was even a community in Brgy San Isidro named Tagavisacol - which stands for Tagalog-Visaya-Bicol.

Prime properties usually in the uplands are being developed particularly in Brgy. San Isidro, San Roque and Mahabang Parang - the farthest barangay from Angono town proper and easily accesible through Antipolo than the dusty trek of Domsa Road.

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Red Ribbon/HenLin/Julies Bakeshop/Ma-Jusay Bakery/Baliwag Lechon Manok/Armando's,

Marlons,Lorna's,Aling Oniang's Fried Itik/Aling Tinay's Peanuts/Agua Vida/Pure Flow/

Cascade/Shakey's/Maysha Hotel