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MAY 1 - 11

Is the Pope Relevant in your Life? Discussion on our blog. 

The Pope in Latin America: Daily Coverage

The Future of Latin American Roman Catholicism


APRIL 14 - 28

New Hampshire passes civil union bill. (New York Times, April 26, 2007.)

As Religious Strife Grows, Europe's Atheists Seize Pulpit. Andrew Higgins, on the Richard Dawkins website, April 12, 2007.



Anglican Communion Politics:

A report on the Whole Message Conference, held this past weekend in Ottawa to discuss gay rights prior to the General Synod of the Anglican Church of Canada. (Toronto Star)

A former head of the Anglican Consultative Council explains why he feels that the Magesterial Model Would Weaken the Communion, in The Living Church.

Anglican priest Luis Rodriguez Credo writes in the London Times that the Church will find a special place for its scapegoats - again.

Nigerian Archibishop Peter Akinola has given an interview to Philip Groves, who heads the listening process for the Anglican Communion. It's worth reading as the fullest statement yet of Akinola's views on homosexuality, Scripture, and Nigerian society and law. (On the AC official website.)

Roman Catholicism, Interfaith Relations, and the Future:

Keeping the Faith is an in-depth article about Pope Benedict's views intellectual and theological ideas on the Catholic Church, and the future of European Christianity, particularly in relationship to declining attendance and the rise of Islam. (The New York Times Sunday Magazine)

Human Sexuality:

How evolution and genetics affect sexual orientation: the Pas de Deux of Sexuality is Written in the Genes. (NY Times)



The British this week commemorated the end of slave trade with a ceremony at Westminster Abbey that was disrupted by protest. A steady voice on this issue has been that of the Archbishop of Canterbury, who said the Church of England should consider reparations for slave trade (Ekklesia, March 26, 2007); one of the most thoughtful commentaries I read on the protest was "Decorous", on the blog of Teju Cole, an American-African currently living in New York City.

This week there were a number of excellent articles on gay rights: Alternet published an essay, “For the Christian Right, Gay-Hating Is Just the Start,” by Chris Hedges, the journalist and divinity-school graduate who is the author of American Fascists: The Christian Right and the War on America. (His previous book, drawn from his years as war correspondent, was War is a Force that Gives Us Meaning.) People interested in this issue might also like to check out Theocracy Watch, a website devoted to analysis of the rise of the Religious Right in the U.S. Republican Party.

“For Some Black Pastors, Accepting Gay Members Means Losing Others” by Neela Banerjee (March 27, 2007, The New York Times) discussed how difficult the issue of homosexuality is among many black congregations, and a story in the Washington Post discussed the same issue in Conservative Judaism: “Conservative Jewish Seminary to Allow Gays and Lesbians to Apply.” (Rachel Zoll, AP, Monday, March 26, 2007.)



Gay christians in Nigeria appeal to international community over repressive laws ; Ekklesia;  Monday, March 26, 2007.

God and His Gays ("Science is stealing up on America's religious fundamentalists") by Harold Meyerson, The Washington Post, Thursday, March 22, 2007.

Episcopal Bishops in U.S. Defy Anglican Communion, by Alan Cooperman, The Washington Post, Thursday, March 22, 2007.

Global Warming Can't Buy Happiness, by Bill McKibbon, The Los Angeles Times, Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Anglican Church of Canada should approve same-sex blessings, by Bradley J. Willis in The Edmonton Journal, Edmonton, Alberta, Monday, March 19, 2007.

Are Anglicans Facing a Great Schism? Adopting same-sex marriages need not split the church, by The Rev Reg Stackhouse, Anglican priest, principal emeritus and research professor at Wycliffe College, in the Globe and Mail, Toronto, Ontario, Monday, March 19, 2007.

Pope Reaffirms Traditional Views, Frances D'Emilio, AP, in The Washington Post, Tuesday, March 13, 2007.