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What is Happening To The Anglican Communion?

...With what we now know about the Bible, it is frankly impossible to understand its texts as infallibly dictated by God. They have to be seen as a result of a process of the development of human religious sensibility... <MORE>

A Homily for Lent 3

..."God is compassionate, gentle and patient. She is not waiting to zap the sinner with a thunderbolt or any other kind of suffering. So the problem exposed in the previous part of the story is not about the punishment of sinners: it is instead about our over-readiness to point to the sins of others, while assuming that we are the righteous. It is about the constant human problem of always wanting to define ourselves, whether as individuals or as collectivities, as different from (and better than) other individuals or collectivities. Even when we do begin to see and discuss this problem we tend to see it only in terms of individual sin and sexuality, and we close our minds to its collective and political dimension.

So I want to spend the rest of this meditation looking at a very current political problem, the debate about reasonable accommodation... " <MORE>


Holy Week Addresses, April 2007

...This evening’s liturgy focuses on two movements of ministry. The common meal speaks of our movement into community around the risen Christ. The washing of the feet speaks of our movement outward into the wider society in witness and service. Let us look at them in turn. 

As I hope we are grasping in this community, the gospel stories do nto present us with an eyewitness, journalistic account of the life and actions of Jesus. it is hard to let go of this view of our scriptures, and I shall speak more of this in the meditations for Good Friday...  <MORE>