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Wireless Wander Door Alarm

wireless wander door alarm
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wireless wander door alarm - Wireless Wander
Wireless Wander Door Alarm
Wireless Wander Door Alarm
The Wireless Wander Door Alarm alerts caregivers or staff when a family member, resident or patient attempts to leave a room or window, or wanders into an unsupervised area. This wireless alarm system has a door or window sensor which attaches easily to a door and doorjamb or to a window and window frame.This two-part alarm system has a door sensor mounted in the resident's room and a wireless receiver/alarm carried by the caregiver. The receiver will alert you with a beep or vibrate. The door sensor attaches easily to both sides of the doorjamb. When the door or window is opened, the electronic signal is sent to the remote receiver. The signal alerts the caregiver that the resident is either wandering out of safe range or entering a non-supervised area. Excellent for home use - offers caregivers the peace of mind and freedom to attend other duties.System includes a battery in the sending unit and mounting instructions.Wireless Wander Door Alarm Features:Signal alerts the caregiver that the resident is wandering.When a door is opened, an electronic signal is sent to the remote receiver.Excellent for home use.Door sensor attaches easily.Alert can be set to Beep or Vibrate.A low-battery indicator light alerts you when to change batteries.Wireless Wander Door Alarm Specifications:Range: up to 100 feet.Alerting chime rings at 80 to 85 decibels.Sending unit uses one 9V battery (not included).Receiver uses one 12V battery (included).

77% (9)
well, that was made of fail
well, that was made of fail
Raymond had just gotten home from work this evening when the fire alarm went off in our apartment building. We were, ah, caught somewhat unawares, so the next five minutes were a blur of getting dressed and shoving the ferrets in their carrier and chasing the cat around and shoving her in her carrier and grabbing the cameras and the external hard drive and my work laptop and the emergency go bag and the cellphone and putting on shoes and pounding down the steps and out the door, where we found... one other resident standing on the grass, and that was it. There were no visible flames shooting from the roof, so we stood around awkwardly with two pet carriers and all our miscellaneous junk. Over the next ten minutes more residents straggled out to stand with us. Fifteen minutes after the alarms went off, the fire trucks still hadn't shown up. There are two fire/EMS stations within a three-mile radius, and every time we heard sirens we'd all look hopeful for a minute. The alarms continued to shrill in the empty building, and we all continued to stand there. Finally we decided that someone should call the fire department, so I used the laptop to look up the Alexandria Fire Department phone number (our wireless works just fine outside the building). I called and had a very confused conversation with a man who insisted there wasn't a street of that name in all of Alexandria, or an apartment complex by that name. I was getting frustrated when I realized what had happened. I'd called the Alexandria, KY fire department instead of Alexandria, VA! Whoops. Red-faced, I handed the phone to Raymond and made him call the actual number once I found it. No answer. Apparently you'd better keep your fires within business hours or call 911. Nearly 20 minutes after the first alarm, a maintenance man from our apartment complex pulled up, wandered around for a bit, and finally got the alarm shut off. Good to know that if the building ever actually catches on fire, it'll be good and crisp by the time anyone shows up. Isn't the fire department actually supposed to show up for fires? Maybe our alarms don't actually ring through to the fire department but just to the complex. Weird.
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wireless wander door alarm
wireless wander door alarm
Wander Alarm with Motion Detector
The Wander Alarm with Motion Detector can prevent a loved one or patient from wandering away. It can detect the movement of a person in a bed, chair, room or doorway. A small receiver (remote monitoring device) can be mounted wherever convenient, and the chimes either sound or send a discreet signal up to 100 feet away.Wander Alarm with Motion Detector Features:Detector can be used on a bed, chair, hallway or door.Includes a receiver for remote monitoring.Can be set to chime at local alarm, or can send a remote signal to the receiver.Wander Alarm with Motion Detector Specifications:No batteries included, requires two 9 volt batteries (one for the sender, and one for the receiver).Receiver range up to 100 feet depending on building construction.When set to chime the alarm will sound at the sensor. When set toremote, a signal will be sent to the pager/receiver up to 100 feet away.