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Bass Clarinet Book

bass clarinet book
    bass clarinet
  • a large clarinet whose range is an octave below the B-flat clarinet
  • A concert instrument that, when used properly, is still not heard.
  • Reserve accommodations for (someone)
  • Engage (a performer or guest) for an occasion or event
  • physical objects consisting of a number of pages bound together; "he used a large book as a doorstop"
  • Reserve (accommodations, a place, etc.); buy (a ticket) in advance
  • a written work or composition that has been published (printed on pages bound together); "I am reading a good book on economics"
  • engage for a performance; "Her agent had booked her for several concerts in Tokyo"
bass clarinet book - Hal Leonard
Hal Leonard Essential Elements 2000 Plus DVD Bass Clarinet Book 1
Hal Leonard Essential Elements 2000 Plus DVD Bass Clarinet Book 1
Books have the same great content as before and CDs include same number of audio exercises as before, but now are multiformat discs that include computer software for practice and assessment assistance. The DVD portion of the disc includes a 15-min. start-up video specific to each instrument as well as all of the book's audio exercises, and is also a DVD-ROM that includes tempo adjustment software, SmartMusic Software, Finale NotePad Software, Duets and Trios feature, and a Music Listening Library. Essential Elements 2000 Plus DVD was written by the outstanding educational team of Dr. Tim Lautzenheiser, John Higgins, Dr. Charles Menghini, Paul Lavender, Tom Rhodes and Don Bierschenk. It combines the very best aspects of the already successful Essential Elements band method with incredible new features that will motivate every band student like never before. Multiformat disc in every student book Every student receives an instrument-specific play-along disc in their book. These discs include same number of audio exercises as before, but now also include computer software for practice and assessment assistance. The DVD portion includes a 15-min. start-up video specific to each instrument as well as all of the book's audio exercises. It is also a DVD-ROM that works in compatible computers and includes: Tempo adjustment software, SmartMusic Software, Duets and Trios, and a Music Listening Library. Enhanced starting system Book 1 uses unmeasured long tones to establish good tone production from the very beginning and uses quarter notes to teach pulse and rhythm. By exercise 14 your students will be playing well-known melodies and enjoying the excitement of playing in the band. Book 2 starts with a 14-exercise review of Book 1 - an ideal refresher before new elements are introduced. Optimum reinforced learning In both books, new material is carefully paced, sequential, and immediately reinforced. New notes are approached in the easiest ways, then gradually played with wid

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Blaas of Glory - BN
Blaas of Glory - BN
SONISPHERE FESTIVAL 2011 Desde su formacion en 2007, Blaas Of Glory continua con su larga marcha gloriosa. De Amsterdam hasta Barcelona, de Londres hasta Hamburgo y de Belgica hasta Finlandia, todo el mundo va a hacer headbanging con el sonido metal de la lira y el bombardon. Estos hombres enfundados en pantalones de pitillo marcharian, si hiciera falta para alcanzar su objetivo, hasta las mismas puertas del infierno. Blaas Of Glory es una actuacion movil y acustica que causa gran hilaridad y que lleva el hardrock a su absoluta esencia. Equipada con el bombardon, la flauta travesera, el clarinete, la lira, el banyo, el acordeon, la tabla de lavar, las guitaras acusticas, la caja, el bombo y el canto a muchas voces, esta banda de heavy metal “en marcha” reanima literalmente los numeros clasicos de la prehistoria del hardrock. Exitos absolutos son sus sorprendentes adaptaciones de The Final Countdown (Europe), Running With The Devil (Van Halen) y exitos de Sonisphere Enter Venus (Metallica/Shocking Blue) y el Iron Maidley. Unico en el mundo, es excepcionalmente idoneo para festivales y actos teatrales, Blaas Of Glory se siente a gusto en cualquier escenario - tanto con sonido amplificado como acustico - pero igualmente disfruta actuando en la calle o en los terrenos de los festivales rodeado por el publico. Blaas Of Glory recibe apoyo de los siguientes patrocinadores Converse, AB Music (entre otros Sabian, LAG, Hohner, Dunlop), Adams Instrumentos Musicales, las agencias de representacion artistica Rock In Stock y Totaal Theater y el distribuidor Rough Trade. Ever since they started out in 2007, Blaas Of Glory have been on a long march to glory. From Amsterdam to Barcelona, from London to Hamburg, from Belgium to Finland; they will get the whole world headbanging to their metal sound, performed on the glockenspiel and the sousaphone. And to achieve their goal, the members of this band will march right up to the gates of hell, if necessary. Blaas Of Glory is a hilarious acoustic and mobile act that brings back hard rock to its absolute essence. Armed with sousaphone, flute, clarinet, glockenspiel, banjo, accordion, washboard, acoustic guitars, snare and bass drums and harmonious singing, this Heavy Metal Marching Band can literally blow back the life into classic hits dating from the pre-historic era of hard rock. Absolute blasts are their surprising adaptations of The Final Countdown (Europe), Running With The Devil (Van Halen) and Sonisphere hits Enter Venus (Metallica/Shocking Blue) and the Iron Maidley. Truly unique in this world and exceptionally suited for festivals and theatrical events, Blaas Of Glory will perform on all sorts of stages – both in an amplified or an acoustic setting – but equally enjoys performing in the street or marching the festival field. The band is now sponsored by partners Converse, AB Music (a.o. Sabian, LAG, Hohner, Dunlop), Adams Musical Instruments, booking agencies Rock In Stock and Totaal Theater and distributor Rough Trade. ©All rights reserved. -If you are interested in using my pictures, please contact me. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED IMAGES-PROHIBIDA YOUR COPY WITHOUT AUTHORIZATION OF THE AUTHOR
From Bach to Debussy
From Bach to Debussy
This eclectic musical program features unique reinterpretations of major classical works. Grammy Award winner and clarinetist Paquito D’Rivera performs a series of chamber compositions (two violins, cello, acoustic bass) featuring his own pieces and works of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Paquito’s “Adagio” incorporates elements of one of Mozart’s most famous pieces: “Clarinet Concerto in A Major.” French accordionist virtuoso Richard Galliano and his sextet focus on the repertoire of J.S. Bach. He bridges the gap from classical to jazz and visits the work of the famous Argentinian Tango composer, Astor Piazzolla, and Eric Satie. Jazz trumpeter, composer, and arranger Tom Harrell has delightfully re-imagined a series of Debussy and Ravel compositions. His colorful chamber jazz ensemble creates the perfect textures, accentuating the true beauty of these impressionistic pieces. Harrell uses this palate as the backdrop for his always intriguing solos.

bass clarinet book
bass clarinet book
Classic Festival Solos - B-Flat Bass Clarinet - Volume 1 - Solo Book
Classic Festival Solos offers the advancing instrumentalist an array of materials graded from easy to more challenging. There are different titles for each instrument, and an assortment of musical styles has been included in each book for variety. Many of the solos appear on state contest lists. Contains: Button Waltz * Chanson Russe * Dream World * Gavotte * Harbor Echoes * If I Were the King * Kemp's Jig * La Cumparsita * Norwegian Dance * Polka * Royal March * Trio and Menuet * Two Guitars * Walkin' Home.