IDEA League Summer School 2007

Didactic materials  from Pierre-Matthieu Anglade

Following are four documents, altogether making a lecture about Abinit for beginners in DFT calculations. You will find a larger amount of documentation within  Abinit itself. Especially its tutorials. The files below have been used as lecture
support  at the IDEA League - summer School 2007 held in Simonskall, Germany.     

Do not await a complete lecture on DFT. Even a complete introduction to Abinit's features.  The provided documents were used  for a 1h30 lecture preceded by a theoretical introduction from Professor Mike Finnis and accompanied by a long hands-on.  Thus you will find  a short presentation of Abinit, locating Abinit in the wide landscape of DFT methods and introducing its basic features.

The document are the following: