Personal google web site of Pierre-Matthieu Anglade 

At least thanks to google you can find my PhD thesis about tantalum and dislocations online. Yet if you wish to use some equations, do not forget that I am blunder prone. So there is an erratum. Would you find forgotten or still unnoticed flaws please warn me. I'll be gratefull. If you want you can also check the original PDF available at the university of Marne-la-Vallée. By the way did I mention that all this is written in french :-(.    

If you want to know about my current work at Louvain-la-Neuve, check this poster on the preconditioners one can apply to density functional calculations Self-Consistent Field  cycles (SCF-cycles). Alternatively, you can also look at my presentation at the GDR-DFT ++ 2007. Don't be abused by the title in french. It is written in english. The title can be translated to "Preconditioning of the SCF loop for big inhomogeneous systems". My main working tool is Abinit; if you want a small complementary introduction to this code you can try the documents I have composed for  the IDEA League Summer School 2007 here.

Not directly related to my work is this excellent book from Florent Latrive : Du bon usage de la piraterie (edited by Exils Editions). It describes pleasingly the current threats on mankind represented by some parts of the intelectual property lobby. You feel that I overemphasize the problem ? Just read this books and make your own opinion. The pdf file available here has been created by Pierre Audouin. It is here online, as a mirror, in agreement with the creative commons license (by-nc-sa) chosen by the author. It can be found, directly from Florent Latrive, here or also as a HTML series of files here.

Also, If you are interested on personal details here is the blog of my son Nathanaël Anglade, and here are the news from "my"" whole Anglade family :-).