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I have had to keep my hands busy since I was little.  Whether doing simple embroidery projects when I was four for Father's Day (my dad drew a stick figure onto some fabric and I 'traced' it with red thread, his favorite color); or finding a half finished blanket at my Grandma's when I was five and insisting she teach me how to crochet so I could finish it; or my dear Grandma buying me my first very simple sewing machine when I was six and me trying to sew clothes for my Cabbage Patch doll; discovering my Grandma's old knitting needles and her teaching me (much to my eventual relief years later) how to knit continental style,  I have always loved to learn these different arts to understand the mystery of how they are made.  I think it only fitting that my first ever completed knit project was a scarf for my Oma.

If you see a Chainmaile piece or a weave you like, you can custom order any length, weave, metal, or color you like.

If you are interested in any of my knit or crochet items, please convo me.