Greencheek Colour Variation

Greencheek genetics at its best!

Dad: Normal Greencheek (split to both Cinnamon & Yellowside)

Mom: Pineapple


Recently one of my favourite pairs went to nest for the first time.  The male is a Visual Normal Greencheek, but split to both Cinnamon and Yellowside.  The female is a beautiful Pineapple.

4 eggs... 4 babies.... As each little Imp feathered out, it became obvious that we had 4 distinctly different babies! 

 Normal male, Yellowsided female, Cinnamon male, Pineapple male


Each of the colours of the Greencheek Conure are naturally occurring mutations of the species.  They are sex-linked recessive traits.  The Turquoise mutation (not pictured above) is another natural colour variation and is a simple recessive trait. 

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