Behind the Scenes

Feathered Imp Aviary, Southern Ontario

Feathered Imps is a homebased Aviary near Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario.

Our goal is to lovingly hand raise each of our feathered imps to be fabulous family pets, socialized to children, dogs, cats, other birds and the everyday activities of a busy family.

We are constantly searching for special people to provide forever-homes to continue spoiling our babies rotten!  Please contact us if you are interested in learning more about them.

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Angie is the owner of Feathered Imp Aviary and can't remember a time she wasn't fascinated with birds.  As a kid, every spring was a new adventure of trees to climb, bushes to scour... nests to be found!  It makes her smile to see that same love blossoming in her own children as they run to grab their field guides to log a new bird sighting... "Mom!  I think I just saw a Baltimore Oriole!"

Angie graduated as a Zoologist/Ornithologist from University of Guelph and her love of birds intensified during her years of working at the African Lion Safari.  There she worked in the Parrot Breeding Facility as well as the Bird of Prey Center.  These years of raising babies and training them to perform in the Parrot Paradise and Bird of Prey Flying shows are amongst her fondest of memories! 

Angie has over 20 years of experience in handraising and training parrots ranging in size from Parrotlets to Macaws!  She is currently fascinated with the genetics of the Greencheek Conures and likens it to Christmas each time a new baby feathers out to show it's colour mutations.  She is currently working toward raising Turquoise Pineapples. 

Each new handfed baby is a joy and is lovingly spoiled.  She prides herself in raising well socialized little Feathered Imps who will be the best of family pets.  


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