Handfed Babies available

Updated Sept 1/09

Sun Conures:           *Handfeeding Babies!          $695 for handfed baby


 Jenday Conures:      *on eggs!                       $645 for handfed baby


Gold Capped Conures: *Handfeeding Babies!   $595 for handfed baby    



Greencheek Conures:

Normal colouration    *Newly weaned babies!    $200 for handfed baby     

Yellowsided               *Newly weaned babies!    $375 for  handfed baby


The picture to the left is of 4 newly weaned Yellowsides that are the 3rd generation of selecting for more red.  $425 when available.

More Yellowsided Greencheek baby photos



Cinnamon      *One newly weaned baby available    $345 for handfed baby


Pineapple               *sweet babies being handfed          $450-550


 Please drop us an email to enquire about

adding one of our Feathered Imps to your family! 


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