*All kids get dirty at my house*      *My house will get messy*      *The kids will make great friends here*

     Welcome to Angie’s House!

Hi and thank you for visiting my website! I hope that you find all the answers that you are looking for easily. Please send me a message if you have any additional questions or would like to schedule an interview.

So, to tell you a little bit about my childcare program….

I provide a small stable and predictable environment for yours and my children during the most important time of their development. I provide all children with "siblings" of all ages, to play, socialize, and learn from. My goal in providing quality child care is for: Each child to feel strong, confident and capable when they enter Kindergarten.  

At Angela Richter's Childcare and Preschool we play to learn. Games, large motor activities, science experiments, cooking and sit down instructional time make up our daily  predictable schedule.

It's not always about learning though. We also really enjoy curling up on the couch with popcorn and a movie. And outside time is a huge part of our everyday life here. Dirt and water is our middle name!!! :0)-

So please, peruse the rest of my site and then give me a ring so that I can schedule you and your family for a play date.

The Richter Family 

In The News!!

11/23/2015 HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!!! I hope that everyone is able to spend time with the people that they care about most during this time of thanks.
11/16/2015 I went and seen Mrs. Diana and baby Alister today. OMG!!! The cutest little guy ever. I just wanna snuggle the little munchkin. Diana looks great! Beautiful mama! Mrs. Diana said that as much as she misses her daycare family, she would like to spend more time bonding with her son. I completely understand. We are thinking that sometime in June she will return. We miss you!
10/01/2015 Well I guess the cat is out of the bag.... Yes I am pregnant. My husband Rick and I have been trying for 1 more baby and we are now so excited to let everyone know that we are due for baby number 4 in mid March. We are not going to find out the sex of this little one. Rick is not a willing participant. You all know how he loves to shop. He said that he wants to buy for the baby but doesn't know what to get since he doesn't know the sex. I just want a happy, healthy and content baby.
Fire/Earthquake Drill performed 9/21/2015
9/21/2015 My new Employee Jennifer started today. Let's give Mrs. Jennifer a warm welcome into the family.
9/15/2015 Mrs. Diana is going on Maternity Leave! We already miss her and she hasn't even left yet. Baby Alister is due to arrive early October. Good luck Mrs. Diana!
9/14/2015 My new Employee Eliza started today. Let's give Mrs. Eliza a warm welcome into the family.
7/01/2015 I am changing the hours of the daycare starting today. I am now 24 hour care Monday - Thursday and closing Friday at 6PM.  
Fire/Earthquake drill performed 6/15/2015
Fire/earthquake drill performed 3/17/15
2/24/2015 My new Employee Natalie started today. Let's give Mrs. Natalie a warm welcome into the family.
2/8/15 Our curriculum has been so successful. I love to watch the children playing outside and hear them reciting what they learned last week. I feel warm and comforted to know that what we are teaching during group breakout time is sticking inside their little minds. They are even applying the learned lessons in new ways. WOW!! :0)
Fire/earthquake drill performed 12/17/14
Fire/earthquake drill performed 9/17/14
Fire/earthquake drill performed 6/17/14
This week was our last week with the Mother Goose Curriculum. I hate to part with the program but it has become to expensive for the daycare to pay. I have been searching for a different "free" curriculum that I can use and modify for my infants. I found one that I like. There are letters of the week and there is a theme for each week as well. Books, science, math and handwriting are in most of the weeks. I will implement the new curriculum April 1st.
Fire/earthquake drill performed 3/10/14
Fire/earthquake drill performed 12/3/14

Today we practiced our fire drill and our earthquake drill. We used the new alarm that the Fire Marshal requires me to have.  The kids all screamed and thought it was loud and fun. So I stopped the alarm and explained about the danger that goes with the alarm. I showed everyone where to go again and then we practiced with the alarm again. I can tell that we will need more practice time with the new alarm. Some of the kids don't like the loud noise, ..... I guess that will be something that we all work on together. :0)

It sure does take a lot of time trying to figure out what my curriculum will be for the upcoming week. It is quite stressful to have each child in mind when planning the week out.
Several months back I started looking into preschool curriculums that are already put together. **There are many out there!** But after much research I decided that I really liked the Mother Goose Time curriculum. So I decided that when I was able to, I was going to purchase a 1 month subscription to this curriculum to see how it fit with the kids.
I purchased the program for September 2013. We have used it for a couple of days now. I am completely in love. One of the best things that I love about it; We all sit down and have a discussion about the "topic of the day". How awesome it is to sit with a bunch of 2 to 4 year olds and hear what they think about their favorite green item, or what mom wears. Random little conversations that spark such creativity and wonder. I love this program and I can't wait to see how it is going to impact all the little minds in my home. How awesome it is to be me! ;o)

Today we practiced our fire drill. We used a pan and spoon that I pounded on. We all walked to the sliding door and lined up. It went very well.

Today we practiced our fire drill. We used a pan and spoon that I pounded on. We all walked to the sliding door and lined up. It went very well.

Today we practiced our fire drill. We used a pan and spoon that I pounded on. We all walked to the sliding door and lined up. It went very well. 

1/15/2013 AngiesCareXYZ
Well I am proud to say that I have almost reached my total number of children allowed in my home during the daytime hours (6:30 AM - 7 PM). I have such a great group of kids and parents! I believe that I was able to have room for the additions to our family because I have been so selective with the parents and children. All of my kids have similar personalities and my parents are all family oriented. It is an awesome feeling to know that all that I believe in and stand up for are also shared by the parents that I help and their children that I am able to love and keep safe. God must love me!  
         To all the parents: Thank you for accepting my family into your lives.

11/24/2012    Time: Dinner    Location: BJ's Pizza in Huntington Beach
My husband and I took our 3 kids and one of our part-time kids out to dinner last Saturday. We didn't end up eating until 6ish. The kids are all used to eating between 5 and 5:30 so they are all getting pretty anxious for food. 
So all 6 of us sit down for a delicious slice or 2 of Pizza. The kids were wonderful the entire time. We all ate and laughed and enjoyed our treat of eating out.
At the end of our meal the waitress came over and handed Rick the bill along with a message...
The message was, "One of the people that are or were sitting around you said that your children were so well mannered that they decided to pay for your dinner". My husband said, "What? Really? Well who is it"? The waitress said, "They want to remain anonymous"! 
I thought that this was the kindest act. And the best compliment that parents and a Childcare Provider could ever get. 
Thanks to our wonderfully behaved children, we were all able to eat dinner at my favorite pizza place for free! I wish I could find out who it was so that I could express to them how wonderful of a compliment they gave to all of us.