This I Believe

          When you have alot of family members,things may not go as you want them to .They're always disagreeing in what you think and they get against you .I believe that that family should get along. My story is about  1 family fighting because they dont have the same beliefs.

         I believe that every body should get along .It all started when one of my uncles came from Chicago. Everybody always tried to avoid him because they knew he was a bad influence for people.My uncle was hanging out wih one of my cousins.Therefore my cousin was doing bad things .They were stealing and doing all kinds of bad stuff. My grandma told my dad to go talk to my uncle and tell him to leave my cousin alone he did but my dad and my uncle ended up fighting . 

           When my uncle came he was married and he had 4 kids. My uncles wife didnt like my dad so she did everything she could so she would never see him again .But that didnt work.She didnt stop there.My uncle has a daughter and she is about 18 . My uncles wife told him that my dad was saying bad things about her . My uncle went to tell my dad to stop but my dad wasen't saying anything do the fight got even worst .My uncles wife called the police and they took my dad.She got what she wanted but she didn't know it was going  to turn out to be a good thing. My dad wasen't born here so the police was about to send my dad to mexico.My mom contacted a lawyer and soon he became a resident.

           My belive is different  from my uncles.I belive that family should get along .He doesn't care . To this day they still dont talk and he doesn't understand that doing bad things and stealing is wrong this helped me learn that I shouldn't only get along like relatives but like close friends.           



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                                                              Other things may change us,

                                                                     but we start and end with family

                                                                                                   -Anthony Brand