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In my Productivity tools project, I used several different Microsoft Office processors to complete a somewhat simpleton version of future things I will need in my classroom. One of the most interesting things that I learned was in the use of Excel, that you could calculate averages and totals and sums by using a simple tool device.  I also did not know how to make charts out of data in Excel, so that was very useful.  I am really familiar with Word and PowerPoint, but using them to do new tasks was extremely interesting as well.  Through this project alone, I feel much more comfortable using all the Microsoft Office processes and it changed my perspective of technology in the classroom.

            Overall, I would say that using technology in the classroom is very important to me.  I would always have thought that just making out a seating chart with a pencil and writing grades down in a grade book would be the most efficient way for me to achieve classroom organization. In the article “Weaving Technology into your Teaching”, I realized the importance of technology, but also the importance of not allowing it to overcome your classroom and take over you as well.  As teachers, we are in charge of bringing a child into knowledge through instructional techniques.  If we allow the computer to take charge of the class room, then we might as well sign off on teacher pay cutbacks and fear job loss.  Finding a good balance between technology use and teacher instruction is hard.  I plan on doing this by allowing my students one day in the lab a week to research articles, relevant to our discussions and writing a brief summary, detailing their opinions and other such viable information.  By also watching current events on the television in the classrooms, the students will become more aware of the global situations and be able to better understand the past.  By relating what is going on today to what has happened in the past, the students will bridge a connection that will forever last in their minds.  My goal is to give something for them to take home that their parents’ can be impressed with, a new concept or ideal about history that adds a light to the many battles and taxation acts and repeals.  “Weaving Technology into your Teaching” also helped me to realize that implementing new ideals in the classroom is not as easy as it may seem.  By introducing it to the students beforehand, they will be aware of the changes in the classroom and will not be so opposed to the change. 



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