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Inspiration is an easy tool, once fully understood.  Using it in the classroom would not be difficult.  I used it in high school with science projects, chemistry, I believe.  In my classroom, I would use Inspiration at the end of the semester,as a sort of final project for my students.  I would tell them to choose one event that they particularly enjoyed learning about and make a web diagram detailing cause and effect and explaining the information. I would have them do it in groups,depending upon the size of the class, because there would be many repetitions of the same events. Another activity I could develop through inspiration would be a fill in the blank page for students to do on their own.  I could fill in some areas and leave some blank, so that they could use it as a worksheet.   The benefits to using concept mapping for teaching lie in the presentation.  If students are visual learners, once they have seen the concept map with all the connections, they should understand it all.  If they are kinesthetic or hands on learners, using the Inspiration to form a chart would allow them to learn the interworkings of the topic. The only barrier that I see is that most students do not have inspiration, and it would take a great deal of class time to allow them to finish their projects.  It also does not address the best method for teaching the audio learners.  They are the only ones left out by this method.

Technology for concept mapping is much simpler, because you can connect, reconnect, shift and adjust as needed.  The several times I did a concept map on paper, I found myself running out of room, and creating a messy distribution of connections that ruined the aesthetic learning of the project. It was messy and hard to trace the connections.I would say that this would be a LoTi level 3 for students.  The technological implications are not overboard and the teacher is still addressing the students and having them do a specific, guided activity. In college, I can use Inspiration for concept mapping in many of my history classes that I am taking.  There are so many cause and effect situations, that by creating a concept map linking the many events, it would provide a clearer way for me to view the information.

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