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        Hi, my name is Angela Sue Huggins. I am twenty years old and currently a 2nd year student at the University of Georgia. My major is Social Science Education with a history emphasis.  Hoping to either get my masters in Social Science Education, or continue to Law School, I will be in school for at least 3 more years.  I graduated from a magnet school in Kennesaw,GA named Kennesaw Mountain High School in 2004.  I am an un-employed, full time student who enjoys the Athens environment, but hopes to attend a graduate school elsewhere.  I have been blessed to have an older sibling to mentor me, who also attends the University of Georgia, with me these first two years of my college career.  Having a sense of home at school has been very comforting in this transitional period of my life.

    In 5 years, I aspire to either be graduating from law school, or settled into a public school teaching United States history or something similar to the sort.  My ideal workforce would be at my high school I graduated from, or anything in Cobb County, Georgia.  If I do acutally end up in Law School, I would like to attend somewhere out of state and take that degree to a private practice.  Hopefully, by the time my schooling is done, I will be accomplished enough to start a family and can afford to take a few years off for raising some children. 


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