This is the Tiny Empires 3000 game group for "Alliance of Angels."  Angels is a peaceful Alliance, no wars is a rule.  We love players who can play the game and who can see its just a game and no matter what happens, friendships should remain intact.  Ships should not get in the way of friendships!  Many of our line also play Tiny Empires (Classic) Noteable members are: Valentine Janus (Queen of New Deseret), Kya Frog (Queen of Hawaii),  Junius Kawashima (King of Mercatorum Venatores), and myself,  Alamiga Anatine (Queen of Angels of the Empire) as well as players from all over classic Tiny Empires. PG and No Drama are the rules, respect your fellow players no matter what Guild they maybe in.

Present Crew Hierarchy:
( as of Mar 30, 2011,  21:00 Hrs )