About Angel

Angel Torsen and One Of Her Rescued Dogs

Angel Torsen has a parent on each coast, so she grew up as much in Florida as in California, surfing, riding horses, and skateboarding.

Adoring nature, Angel's artwork reflects her love, as does her work with wildlife rescue and the fact that she's a vegan. 

Her imaginative florals and unusual depictions of wildlife and nature employ the use of bright colors and intricate themes.

Angel's voice has been acclaimed in music publications on two continents. Her songwriting ranges from folk ballads to electronic dance music.

This is from a fan page made by Russell Gibbs, who is a music critic, reprinted with his permission:

Jazz Vocalist We Love

Angel Torsen, in the words of Robert Palmer, the music critic for the New York Times acclaimed, is "Just superb, no matter what the setting !"

Gracing the wonderful Chet Baker homage CD produced by Ron Miller, Medium Cool, Angel Torsen's vocals stand as a hallmark to what cool vocals can do.

Along with Alex Chilton, James Chance, and Adel Bertei, Angel Torsen contributed vocals to songs made famous by Chet Baker's remarkable renditions of jazz standards.

Produced by bassist Ron Miller, of Panther Burns' fame, this CD is a collector's item.

What is Angel Torsen doing? We've heard she's been singing in Europe and in England.

We'd like to hear another jazz collection from her.

Her pivotal band in L.A. was called by Robert Palmer the "only female-fronted true grunge band in the world". Angel and the Trance headlined in the coveted L.A. club scene, and bands like Tool and Korn shared bills with her band. Angel wrote the songs and arranged them. A few underground CD's exist and we'll be sharing them with you here and we hope will be able to offer some of her jazz singing too.

The fact that, as the New York Times critic stated, an accomplished rock singer could sing jazz like a native to that terrain speaks of her tremendous vocal talent.

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We've heard she's been singing in Europe and in England.

We'll bring you updates as we receive them. And please give us info too.