Angel creates dark, thrashy, eclectic, underground pop rock. a sultry voice and surly insolence mark the vocals of this singer-songwriter.

"Hot looks, vocal chops, and her music really rocks !" - L.A. Scene

like a strange brew of

black-eyed peas


bonnie raitt



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Angel is a singer and a songwriter, who sings in different styles.

Angel Torsen sings jazz, and also has had several bands, including Angel and The Trance, and Orphasm, who were headlining groups in L.A.

Angel was considered by music critics to be "the only female grunge band leader in L.A.", and was written about in Rolling Stone Magazine and in other music periodicals.

Angel's voice has a remarkable range in octaves and in styles.


Thematically, her songs deliver a punch as do the great melodic hooks. Some rock with a gravelly authenticity,some keep a punk attitude, and others roll with a sultry smoothness right out of blues and jazz.


Angel's songwriting blends a gritty big-city style on top of basic blues-based r and b, street funk, and true rock and roll.