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Angel Torsen

Rock, Funk, Dance, Grunge, Metal

And Jazz

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Angel has been featured in Rolling Stone Magazine and in The New York TImes Music Section

"Angel is just superb, no matter what the setting." - Rolling Stone Magazine

Angel, Singer and Songwriter, was cited by pre-eminent New York Times Music Critic, Robert Palmer, as " The only female-fronted band in Grunge music today." He also cited Angel Torsen as being the girl who had brought the original "biker chic" look to the music stage.

Two Angel L.A. Bands of Note:

Angel and The Trance, Prominent Los Angeles Band, Featuring Angel on Vocals and Writing The Songs, and Some Co-Written With Guitarist John Nation, or Johnny Nation, (he was Formerly of the early punk band,The Bags and of the glam  band,The Joneses .)

Angel And The Trance Played a Concert With the Great Band, Tool

Having Proven Her Ability in Rock, Grunge, Funk, and Jazz, Angel Was Ready for the Challenge of Singing and Writing Cross-Rhythmic Jazz Fusion. 
Orphasm Was Born. 
The Band's Name itself a Fusion of The God of Music, Orpheus, and Fantasm. 
Many Reviews Cited Influences From Cool Progressive Jazz Sources, Chick Correa, and The Mothers Of Invention, and live audiences always called them the " New Led Zeppelin".

Orphasm, Prominent Los Angeles Fusion Band Featuring Angel on Vocals and Song-writing, Some Songs Co-Written With Genius Master Drummer for Orphasm, Kofi Baker

Orphasm, (Named for Orpheus, the God of Music plus fantasm ), Played a Concert With the Great Metal Band, Korn

Angel also sings jazz as beautifully as she sings everything else.

On Medium Cool, a critically-acclaimed jazz tribute to the great Chet Baker,  along with alternative music crooning  icon, Alex Chilton, undergoround New York eclectic, James Chance and Adele Bertei, Angel Torsen's voice gave justice to Chet Baker's intimate, soft-voiced legacy.

Under Her Whole Name, Angel Torsen:

"On Imagination, the  jazz tribute to the great Chet Baker, the super group,Medium Cool, consisting of Angel Torsen along with  Alex Chilton, James Chance and Adele Bertei, combined to create an underground homage ideal to recall Chet Baker's cool legacy. "

 Her Jazz Singing, Including A CD Recorded with Alex Chilton called "Medium Cool", Honoring Chet Baker, the Great Jazz Vocalist

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