This is the Tiny Empires game group for "Angels of the Empire."  Angels is a peaceful Kingdom, no sabotages is a rule.  We love players who can play the game and who can see its just a game and no matter what happens, friendships should remain intact.

Dit is de Tiny Emprires groep voor "Angels of the Empire". We zijn een vreedzaam koninkrijk en doen niet aan sabotage. We houden van spelers die van het spel houden en die het echt zien als een spel, ondanks wat er gebeurt.  Het belangrijkste is dat vriendschappen blijven bestaan.

Este é um grupo do Tiny Empires para os " Angels of the Empire". Angels é um reino pacífico, não sabotar é a regra. Nós amamos jogadores que possam jogar e possam ver que é somente um jogo e não importa o que aconteça, amizade devem permanecer intactas.

Dieses ist die Tiny Empire Gruppe der "Angels of  the Empire".  Angels  ist ein  friedliches Königreich. Wir sabotieren nicht - dieses ist ein(e) Regel. Wir mögen Spieler, die dieses Spiel als das nehmen, was es ist : Ein Spiel - egal was auch immer passieren mag.  Freundschaften dürfen durch das Spiel nicht beschädigt werden.

Dette er Tiny Empires spillet for "Engler av riket." Angels er et fredelig kongerike, hvor regelen er ingen sabotasjer. Vi elsker ekte spillere, ingen dårlige miner, uansett hva som skjer, fordi vennskap skal være intakt.

C'est le groupe du jeu Tiny Empires pour "Angels of the Empire". Angels est un royaume pacifique dont la règle est pas de sabotages. Nous aimons les joueurs qui peuvent jouer et qui savent que ce n'est juste qu'un jeu et quoi qu'il advienne l'amitié restera intacte.

Este es el grupo de juego de Tiny Empires, “Angels of the Empire” (Ángeles del Imperio). Angels es un Reino tranquilo, donde la regla es no sabotear otros reinos. Amamos a aquellos jugadores que se dan cuenta que es tan solo un juego y que, no importando qué suceda, la amistad debiera quedar intacta.

Questo è il gruppo del gioco Tiny Empires per "Angels of the Empire" (Angeli dell'Impero). Angels è un regno pacifico, nessun sabotaggio è una regola. Amiamo i giocatori che possono giocare e vedono questo come un gioco e, qualsiasi cosa succeda, l'amicizia deve rimanere intatta.

Your Queen, Vicereines & Viceroys

Queen Alamiga Anatine

What can I say about my self except that, I'm humbled to be your servant.
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Angels come in all forms and shapes, don't let our appearance or surrounding fool you.
All of my "Angels" are some of the best people you will ever know!

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Grand Vicereine "Red Angel" RachDaRed Lewsey

I'm in here to have a good time, explore, meet people, learn some new skills, have a little fun if I'm in the mood ;)

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Vicereine "Divine Seraphim" Liasha Halcali

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                              Angels will reign for all of time.

Viceroy "Prince of the Rose" Graylon Ash
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If you believe SL is a game, that the people are just toys and what you do doesn't matter, we have nothing in common. Please move to the rear of the bus.
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