Angels of Pierce County Washington

This website was last updated 03/01/2014
This site was created on 01/29/2014.

Please check back often, I am continuing to add additional resources on a daily (or every few days)  basis at this time, but adding all the resources takes time.  

JUST ADDED- If you see this next to a listed resource, it means that resource was added to the page on the last date that particular page was updated.

UPDATED- If you see this next to a listed resource, it means that resource was updated on the date that particular page was updated.

If you find or have found a resource on this website where you are able to obtain assistance for yourself or someone else, Please let us and everyone else who visits this website know about it!  
You can leave your statement on our TESTIMONIAL / YOUR STORY page.  

I am looking for a few like-minded people who may have more time on their hands then they would like, and like to help others.  This is strictly volunteer work, there is no pay, this is not a business.  I am hoping to find a few people who are either good at locating hard to find items on the internet, or know how to navigate the system when it comes to available community resources.  A lot of my time is taken up with researching resources for Pierce Co. residents.  If someone who visits would like to volunteer their time and help me locate additional resources for certain demographics of Pierce County Washington, please email me.

 Why This Site Was Created

        Hello, my name is Echo.  I moved to Pierce County when I fled a Domestic Violence situation in 2012.  I am a Disabled Veteran (non-service related disability) on SSDI and a single mother.  Since the move, it has been very difficult to make it strictly on my own limited income, and I had a heck of a time finding resources that may or could help me, even with using  As a result, I began my own research.  What many people don't realize is there are many resources out there that not even 211 is aware of, some listed only on the internet.  I started compiling my own list of resources for my personal use, as well as for friends I've met on my journey since I'm pretty good at research online.  I realized that others out there are in similar situations as I am (at least financially) so I've put my know-how to work and decided to create this page to help others in Pierce County Washington who are having a difficult time making ends meet.  

Community Resources for 
Homeless, Low-Income, Disabled, Veteran, &/or Senior Citizen 
Pierce County Residents

         This site was created on January 29, 2014.  When you contact the various resources, they may or may not be able to help financially or otherwise at the time of your contact.  The reason for this is due to funding.  Over the last several years, government funding has been greatly reduced and as a result many of these agencies now depend on public donations and funding.  Even if they are unable to help you right now due to funding limitations, they may be able to help you a month or so from now, so please keep checking back with them.
          If this website has helped you, please share it with everyone on the Testimonials-Your Story page on this website.  If you had a bad experience with one of the agencies listed on this website, please feel free to share it either on the Testimonials-Your Story page or at the bottom of the page the service is listed.  You may also leave questions for everyone to answer at the bottom of the page where that type of resource in question is listed.

          If you are having difficulty locating a resource that you need, and you can't find it here on this site, please do not hesitate to contact me.  I will do the best I can to help you find that resource- if it is available in this county.  However, depending on demand for this service, it may take me longer than 24 hours to locate that resource.  And please remember, I'm not getting paid to offer this service nor for this website- I am volunteering my services. 
Please keep in mind that this site is provided for reference only to help get you in touch with various community services.  No guarantees are made as to whether you will actually receive any of the services listed.  Each program has it's own eligibility requirements and guidelines that must be followed to receive said resources.  I do not work for nor represent any of these agencies.  I am just a concerned citizen who feels these resources shouldn't be so difficult to find or access.

 If you find that a service has been terminated, please contact me so that I may make updates to the site accordingly for other visitors.  
 If you know of another resource that isn't currently listed on this site, please contact me with the resource information so that it may be added.
I sincerely hope that the resources on this page can help you, and would love any feedback you have regarding this page and its resources.

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