All About Angels N Camo

How Angels N Camo Came to Be

Angels N Camo was founded to honor the memory Mr. Henry Ball.  Ever since I can remember, Mr. Henry has been a part of my life.  Mr. Henry became great friends with my dad many years ago after being introduced to each other through my mom's cousin.  My dad and Mr. Henry shared a passion for hunting.

In 1991, Mr. Henry opened and started operating Bill's Custom Guns.  He was an excellent gunsmith and spent countless hours in his shop making and molding beautiful firearms.  He has six patents in current production with Savage Arms, Inc, MA, for a smokeless black powder rifle.

Mr. Henry will be remembered for his generous nature, steadfast determination, love of animals, as well as his stubbornness.  He loved telling stories with family and friends and capturing your attention with his witty and profound "Henryisms."

He will always hold a special place in my heart.  

RIP Mr. Henry ~ Love you always, Lisa