Workshops in Cadaqués, Spain

Workshop in one of the most romantic location on the Mediterranean, Dali's hometown, Cadaqués, Spain.
At Angelroc Ibolya Csanádi will be teaching the technique of the Old Masters - offering a rich foundation of classical painting and sculpting.
©2009 Ibolya Csanádi
Ibolya’s program includes demonstration, color theory, value studies, composition,  from charcoal drawing to finished painting.There will be a group exhibition following every workshop at the Gallery of Angelroc.
 ©2009 Ibolya Csanádi

Ibolya studied painting and sculpting both in The United States and in Sweden, and her most famous professor was Odd Nerdrum, Norwagian painter. She has exhibited with him.

©2009 Jessi Rask
Jessi Rask will give classes in sculpting at the Angelroc Art School. She worked together with the artist Francois Stahly and she decorated by former President of France, Jacques Chirac.

©2009 Kikè Barguno
Kikè Barguno, sculptor, who is working with Xavier Corbero, Spain's best living sculptor, is also one of the instructors on the workshops.
Full instruction and critiques will be on individual basis and in English.
Beginning, intermediate, and advanced students are welcome


Angelroc is located in the beautiful village of Cadaques, the hometown of Salvador Dali. Surrounded by the Mediterranean’s most romantic bay, it is about 60 km from the French border. Walt Disney, Richard Hamilton, Joan Miro, David Hockney, Rene Magritte, Picasso, John Cage, Garcia Lorca, Man Ray, Marcel Duchamp, Luis Buruel, Max Ernst, and even Albert Einstein were among the many famous people who enjoyed this magnificent village. It is rich in outdoor activity such as scuba diving, tennis, golf …

For more information, please contact:
 Angelroc Art School
Po Box 67
17488 Cadaqués
 Phone: +34 609348929
Ibolya Csanádi