Greetings, fellow gourmands. I'm Angelo Talebi, and welcome to my slice of the Internet.

A little bit about myself. I'm from Wisconsin and am currently a communications student at Marquette University in Milwaukee.  Outside of schoolwork, I unwind with a good meal at a restaurant, and then blog about it. Most of my reviews revolve around restaurants and their specialty entrees. 

I'm a consummate foodie with a discerning palate. In the words of Anton Ego from “Ratatouille,” I don't just like food: I *love* it. Although truth be told I see no need for that level of caustic criticism for anything other than the truly abysmal.

In my spare time, I mostly cook and play table tennis with friends. I've been learning cooking since my teen years and my own self-criticism has been a driving force in the improvement of my own dishes. I'm my own Gordon Ramsay.